Is your marketing working ?

We connect marketing to your bottom line

Now you don’t have to guess blindly at how your marketing efforts are going. 1PD can tell you categorically, how your marketing is contributing to your business.

Business metrics for your bottom-line

We track metrics that matter to your bottom line.

1PD uses these metrics to build a profit Decision tree. So that you can clearly see the cause and effect of your marketing investment on bottom line.

We use smart computer algorithms to evaluate, and recommend actions that could deliver sales, traffic, or customer growth.


Data you can trust

We make numbers real and accountable

The core problem of digital marketing is joining fragmented data from different platforms.

This resulted in conflicting numbers and confusing reports. 1PD has done the hard work in matching data from your ecommerce, marketing, web traffic, and CRM data into a single place.

This full picture of advertising, traffic, and sales gives you full confidence in your marketing decisions.

Insights you can use

We generate insights from your data.

1PD insights are actionable.

We know not all insights are relevant. So we have selected insights that you can use in making marketing decisions.
1PD generates these insights by with your data points & trends, comparing this plans, targets, and industry benchmarks.


Business growth with confidence

A Marketing Analyst out of a box

1PD packages the experience of digital performance agency and marketing technology into a platform.
This is like having an experience Marketing Analyst on your team.

So that you can focus on what you do best - running and growing your business.

Our customers

We help ecommerce brands and their marketing agencies

Ferguson Plarre

Meet the team

Meet our team of talented individuals, who bring together a wealth of experience in digital marketing and business management.



brings a wealth of analytics and consulting service experience from his time at a marketing agency



a data, technology, and innovation expert with a background in business and startups



a business and entrepreneurial professional with a background in ecommerce and investment



a marketing and strategy professional with a background in both corporate and agencies


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