Monthly sales < $30K


Per month, billed annually

Increase revenue

Manage your sales growth, traffic to web site, and maximize conversion of your sales funnel


  • Sales Growth
  • Cohort Repurchase
  • Sales Funnel analysis
  • Paid Traffic analysis
  • Sales & revenue metrics
  • Customer value metrics
  • Growth

    Monthly sales $30K-100K


    Per month, billed annually

    Optimize spend

    Optimize media spend, track customers' path to purchase, tailor campaign and creatives that drive product/SKU sales

    Additional features

  • Customer journey
  • Channel analysis
  • Campaign performance
  • Content & creative analysis
  • Repurchases analysis
  • Marketing ROI metrics
  • Acquisition metrics
  • Accelerate

    Monthly sales > $100K


    Per month, billed annually

    Maximize revenue

    [Included free GA4 migration]

    Smart decisions with investment decision tree, data backed insights and industry bench marks. Maximize value from your customer base, build loyalty and retention program.

    Additional features

  • Marketing decision tree
  • Performance to target
  • Marketing insights
  • Industry bench marks
  • Customer Lifetime value
  • Customer Segments
  • Item basket analysis
  • Product purchase journey