Up to 5K customers


Per month, billed annually

Increase revenue

Manage your sales growth, traffic to web site, and maximize conversion of your sales funnel


  • Sales Growth
  • Cohort Repurchase
  • Sales Funnel analysis
  • Paid Traffic analysis
  • Sales & revenue metrics
  • Customer value metrics
  • Growth

    Up to 10K customers


    Per month, billed annually

    Optimize spend

    Optimize media spend, track customers' path to purchase, tailor campaign and creatives that drive product/SKU sales

    Additional features

  • Customer journey
  • Channel analysis
  • Campaign performance
  • Content & creative analysis
  • Repurchases analysis
  • Marketing ROI metrics
  • Acquisition metrics
  • Accelerate

    Up to 50K customers


    Per month, billed annually

    Maximize revenue

    Smart decisions with investment decision tree, data backed insights and industry bench marks. Maximize value from your customer base, build loyalty and retention program.

    Additional features

  • Marketing decision tree
  • Performance to target
  • Marketing insights
  • Industry bench marks
  • Customer Lifetime value
  • Customer Segments
  • Item basket analysis
  • Product purchase journey